05/20/2024 TAXINAUT V0.8.92 (itch/steam) Adds hazardous regions to space.

04/19/2024 TAXINAUT V0.8.90 (itch/steam) Adds some common topics to make it more viable to find the Baco Plant and Covenant of Light without talking to the Moon Man.

04/13/2024 TAXINAUT V0.8.89 (itch/steam) Adds gate-networks in some systems.

03/22/2024 TAXINAUT V0.8.88 (itch/steam) Adds an auto-pilot item you can buy at some traders, a new common planet type and a setting to hide completed storylines.

02/12/2024 TAXINAUT V0.8.84 (itch/steam) This mainly cleans up the Eldergrav storyline. It was the first storyline I ever did but it was too hard and lacked rewards. It's still less "hand-holdy" than other storylines.

01/12/2024 TAXINAUT V0.8.76 (itch/steam) This adds clone improvements in the form of gongs. You can check the gongs on your clone at your home Cryonary.

12/24/2023 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! A new version of TAXINAUT will be available soon. I was trying to get it out before Xmas but didn't make it. There's a little chatty video about it here.

11/23/2023 TAXINAUT V0.8.71 (itch/steam) is available! This is an exciting update for me because it finally introduces a fully supported "widescreen" view-mode. There's a video of me explaining it a little bit here.

11/14/2023 TAXINAUT V0.8.69 (itch/steam) is available! The "Among the stars" storyline is now fully implemented so you can get sources for various scans.


A space taxi sim/adventure set in an open galaxy. (For Windows PC).

Best way to buy it is on ITCH.IO (I get paid more, you can install it where you want and it comes with a Steam-key).

Or you can get it just on STEAM.


Drawings & poems.

Read/download the PDF (27MB).


Something like a comic book equivalent of "The Dream Songs" by John Berryman.

Read/download the PDF (27MB).



Read/download the PDF (425KB).


"Exterminate all rational thought.", experimental comic inspired by William Burroughs.

Read/download the PDF (35MB).


Comic trying to be a sort of Pekar/Bukowski thing.

Read/download the PDF (17MB).