Earn your living through what is perhaps the second oldest profession in the Galaxy: Taxi driver. Often full off loneliness, frustration and apprehension but sometimes wonderous and astounding, discover the galaxy as a TAXINAUT.
Uncover the many extraordinary and often clandestine places of a galaxy where most large conflicts have been played out and races have lived together and mixed for millennia to form a landscape that is rich in variation but festering with depravity and corruption.
Shuttle passengers from glamerous entertainment planets to dangerous ghetto worlds. From tightly controlled administrative centers to wild alien outlands. From sacred burial planets to ancient abandoned landfills.
Pick up passengers from a large assortment of seedy aliens: business-men, lawyers, prostitutes, pushers, dope-fiends, exotic dancers, religious freaks, DNA peddlers, cloners, gangsters, cyborg zombies, corrupt politicians and holy-men and get them to divulge their secrets during the long and hazardous journey.
System Requirements
Windows 10 64bit, recent multi-core CPU (i5), at least 3GB of RAM completely available to the game and a dedicated graphics processor with at least 1GB of VRAM. Minimum and recommended display resolution is 1920x1080p. (The game has been tested on a Dell Alienware Aurora R4 with an i7-3820 CPU, 16GB of RAM, a GTX-580 with 1.5GB VRAM and a 1920x1080p monitor.)
The game will feature very adult elements like those you might find in exploitation movies of the 1970s and 1980s (albeit in a hopefully entertaining manner).
MOSGROM is a (currently) one-man, wannabe games, art & poetry shop started and run by Jasper Pol.
Jasper has 20 years experience being an "extra-average" software developer. He also self-published several books of poetry and abstract-comics: "Heinrich Motherbeard" and "Catalog of Drunk Birdsong" among others (which I'm sure you've heard of).
Jasper's interests (according to his daughter) include: Videos about disassembling old hard-drives.